25 years or Promotional items - 100 millions promotional items produced !

In the early beginning of the 1994 adventure, precursor of the goodies & promotionnel object market

AHK PRODUCTIONS saw its creation in 1994 with the company Arcade whose purpose was to create advertising objects tailored for institutional entities.
The first turning point for the company is the production of the customizable pin. The most fashionable product of hits period, the pin's marked the origin of the company's imports from Asia and Taiwan more precisely.
In the 90s, the importation of products is a real adventure and face many constraints: finding suppliers overseas, establish genuine partnerships, organize import & logistic of the goods are major challenges.

AHK - importer of promotional objects since 25 years
AHK - importer of promotional objects since 25 years

The business model "100% reseller" created in 1995

The importation of products from Asia required to develop a customer network representing larger volumes, necessary for financial balance. This imply returning customer on a national scale.

We naturally turned to a B to B strategy, a 100% reseller strategy, our DNA since more than 25 years.

We are currently working with a large number of resellers in France and Europe. Some partnerships have existed for more than 20 years and we will continue to develop together our future:

The development of the product range in 1997

Considering the pin market would have a limited lifespan, we wanted to offer more development opportunities to our network of resellers of advertising objects.
We have therefore positioned ourselves in the market for the production of custom made advertising objects and the event market. The products launched were:

  • Metal badge: pins, badges medallions, etc.
  • Custom-made metal key ring, which responded to a long-standing market.
  • Magnet printed in flexible, trendy product for its small size, weight and cost.
  • Token-metal, in the form of 10 francs. Market in full development with the appearance of "coins" for the trolleys of the supermarkets.
  • Embroidered badge, responding to a tradition market.

The metal then composed most of the activity, using the techniques of stamping on copper or iron, chemical etching on brass and cold enamels.
The second phase of development comes late 90s with injected PVC products: keychain, figurine, etc.

AHK - importer of promotional objects since 25 years
AHK - importer of promotional objects since 25 years

1997 - China opens its doors to importers of promotional objects

In the early 1980s, China changed its economic policy towards a market economy, open to exports and foreign capital.
This opening became complete in the 90s, our suppliers then settled in China and modified our import procedures now carried out via Hong Kong.
We have established strong relationships with our suppliers, a permanent exchange on:

  • Advanced production techniques.
  • Knowledge of the European market.
  • The complex and controlled methods of organization
  • Respect for quality human relations as part of everyday work.

Processing of CAD / PAO production facilities - 2000

To produce customized products, the products had to be created first, and drawn. The models were partly computer-made, black-and-white laser printing of documents, sometimes completed with Letrast-type manual transfers and then colored with alcohol felt.
During the 2000s, we made the total digitalization of our means of production, thanks to the progress of computer tools, the development of software and the advent of the Internet.
Currently our CAD / CAM service counts 25 years of projects. These 25 years constitute an encyclopaedia of know-how: production techniques, marking techniques, knowledge of materials, pitfalls to avoid, product knowledge, etc.

AHK - importer of promotional objects since 25 years
AHK - importer of promotional objects since 25 years

Export development 2006

Following an analysis of potential markets, the company is working to create an export hub. This pole works with resellers from all over Europe.
This adaptation to export has allowed the company to mature in its European commercial approach:

  • Adaptation of media and communication techniques.
  • Adaptation of the product range.
  • Adaptation to the habits and customs of each country.
  • Adaptation of logistics solutions

This evolution has strengthened society and its economic growth.

A transition needed towards a 2.0 company - since 2017

Digital transformation is currently affecting all sectors and B to B is also concerned. Conscious of these stakes, we decided to take the subject head to head:

  • Establishment of collective intelligence within the company.
  • Process improvement.
  • Redesign of the image of society.
  • Presence on social networks.
  • Continuous improvement of the customer experience.

And many other transitions to take to meet and anticipate the needs of responsiveness and agility of our customers now and in the years to come.

AHK - importer of promotional objects since 25 years