1 order = 1 tree planted: participate in sustainable development with AHK

In 2020, AHK Productions progresses in its eco-responsible business project, integrating into its processes levers intended to reduce its ecological impact.

In addition to the implementation of dedicated internal practices, such as

  • reduction in the use of paper (objective 0 paper) or
  • reducing energy consumption to name a few,

it is essential for us to be able to associate our distributors with this approach, as well as by extension the end user of our advertising objects, from personalized key rings to tailor-made medals.

Eco-responsibility and Advertising Object


Planting a tree for each advertising object order placed by one of our distributors with AHK from February 2020 is the commitment we are making this year, in partnership with the French social enterprise MYTREE (www.my-tree.com).

Our ambition is to plant more than 8,000 trees by the end of 2020, an eco-responsible approach with which we wish to associate our distributors and their customers. 

Eco-responsibility and Advertising Object

Objective: 3000 trees planted by the end of May 2020

Our priority project is the reforestation in Haute Marne of a spruce forest degraded following an attack by parasitic insects, the bark beetles.

The site will be reforested with two species which are European larch and Atlas cedar. Or a project of 3000 trees planted by the end of May 2020. The reforestation projects that we select are located in France and the plantation is controlled by the independent organization SGS, a guarantee of transparency and quality of the plantations that we support.

Our distributors of pub objects are a real forest of talent!

By ordering AHK advertising goodies:

  1. You are fighting climate change by storing quantities of CO2 in the biomass of trees.
  2. You participate in the restoration of degraded forest ecosystems and the preservation of fragile biodiversity.
  3. You associate your company with an eco-responsible action and unite your teams, enhance your image, your notoriety and participate in the achievement of some of your sustainable development objectives.
  4. You involve your customers in this eco-responsible approach and offer them substantial added value in their Media Object project.

Throughout the year, we communicate with you about the progress of our plantation projects via our various communication levers.