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The quality of AHK's personalized badges is one of our greatest prides. Specialized in the manufacture of military decorations for many years, we offer our reseller customers excellence. Solid and durable badges, medals, coats of arms and patches with a perfectly crafted design and impeccable aesthetics.

But did you also know that what defines the comfort of use of our engraved and embroidered awards are the fastening and fastening systems we offer? They allow the decoration to stay in place and not fall off the military uniform in the event of sudden movements or during dangerous missions. AHK offers several fastening systems for each military crest, coat of arms, badge, patch or medal.

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Personalized military crest: AHK accompanies and advises you

Specialist in personalized military crests, AHK creates unique objects that seduce by their quality and design. But what makes a decoration a real high-end object to offer to a soldier is not only its aesthetic aspect. A distinctive sign such as a roundel must above all be able to hold securely on a policeman's or soldier's uniform. It should be comfortable to wear, easy to attach and quick to remove when needed. Unlike military medals and army insignia, crests, coats of arms and patches are worn permanently by the military. Since these are primarily not awards like medals are, so they should be visible on uniforms as often as possible. A symbolic and important distinctive sign, the crest allows you to highlight your membership in a rank or a regiment, to demonstrate your assigned unit or your specialty (for example fighter pilot, sniper or paratrooper). There are a multitude of different trades and specialties within the French army. The soldiers recognize each other thanks to the patches and coats of arms they wear and which then allow them to proudly display their passion for the army but also and above all their specialization within it.

A creative and innovative company

Our goal is to offer our resellers multiple and original decorations. For this, we provide you with a multitude of models of badges, badges and medals. From the most classic to the most fantasy, select and create the reward that meets the needs of your customers.

Military patch creator - AHK Productions

The environment at the heart of our concerns

To offset our carbon footprint, AHK partners with suppliers and companies that share our environmental values. We also guarantee our customers that each order placed leads to the planting of a tree in a deforested area.

Military patch creator - AHK Productions

Availability and support

AHK's customer service guarantees you unparalleled responsiveness. Advice, tailor-made support, specific requests and bulk orders... Whatever your request and your needs, our team of experts is available to respond to them at any time.


Military patch creator - AHK Productions


This is why these coats of arms and crests must remain firmly attached to the uniforms in all circumstances. A personalized military crest can come in the most varied forms with multiple illustrations and finishes depending on the rank of the soldier and his field of activity. At AHK, you can order the custom-made patch of your desires by finding the rare pearl in our catalog. You can also imagine and create a 100% personalized badge according to your customers' requests.

If the design of an American bumblebee plays a big role in its final rendering, we must not forget that the attachment system of the accessory must also be chosen with care. So don't forget to personalize the back of your gift. AHK offers several fixing models that will allow you to hold your decorations. Make your choice based on several factors:

  • ease of use;
  • the speed with which the decoration will have to be put on or taken off;
  • the specific requests of your customers...

Note that there are several techniques for attaching a personalized military crest or a custom coat of arms to a soldier's outfit.

→ Velcro badge: the badge is fixed using a scratch system. For this, the uniform of the gendarme or the soldier must have a place specially dedicated to the wearing of badges. It is usually a small square on the chest or shoulder of the uniform and equipped with hooks.

→ Iron-on patch: very widespread, this system makes it possible to wear the decoration by sticking it directly on the outfit thanks to the heat. Iron-on patches are available in different fields, both military and civilian.

→ Coat of arms to sew: these are embroidered or woven patches that must be sewn directly on the soldier's clothing.

→ Self-adhesive crest. The back of the patch is covered with an adhesive film which then allows the decoration to be stuck on a fabric like a simple sticker.

→ Buttonhole buckle crest. In this case, the distinctive sign is worn like a badge, attached to the uniform via the loop located above the round coat of arms.

Military patch creator - AHK Productions

Iron-on military crest: a reliable and comfortable fastening system

The technique of gluing a patch via a heat system is a very widespread technique. Used for military crests but also fashion patches, it is a simple and easy way to hold the badge on the uniform. The back of the iron-on military patch is then coated with a thin layer of special glue that only activates when it comes into contact with a significant heat source. Generally, to hold an iron-on military badge, an iron is used. The technique is simple, the coat of arms is placed on the uniform with the embroidered or woven side facing upwards. This side is protected with a fabric that is affixed to it and pressed very hard with an iron for a few seconds. The badge stays in place very well and does not come off during movement, nor with humidity, nor even after the outfit has been washed in the washing machine. This technique therefore provides good support.

All patches and badges manufactured by AHK are customizable on the back with a heat-sealing system. Whatever the shape and design of your decoration and whatever the recipient institution of this personalized item (national gendarmerie, national navy, army, air force, customs, etc.), you can choose this fixing system. according to your customers' preferences by presenting them with all the advantages of an iron-on military patch.


Military patch creator - AHK Productions