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A key ring is an excellent communication medium that appeals to many companies and institutions. The French army, which regularly deploys major campaigns to recruit new recruits, is particularly fond of this type of personalized item. In addition to prestigious military decorations, the Army also distributes less formal accessories such as pins, patches or military key rings. Who are these customizable army-themed gifts for? Who can receive a military or navy key ring? And how do you offer them to your customers?

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Military keychain - AHK Productions

Military key ring: small accessory with great communication power

Very popular, lightweight and easy to carry, key chains are the favorite marketing tools for companies and their customers. The French army is no exception. To communicate around its values, its devotion to the homeland or to announce a new recruitment campaign, the armed forces of France offer a large number of accessories and personalized objects. While some are genuine engraved decorations (medals, badges, crests, emblems, etc.) intended to reward the bravery of combatants, others, such as key rings, can be offered to a wider range. Privates, corporals, warrant officers or rank leaders are not the only ones who can receive a personalized military gift. The great advantage of the key ring is that it is all-purpose and can therefore be offered on different occasions and to a very wide audience. Because after all, the military universe and the army accessories that come from it are sometimes a real affair of passion.

Military keychain - AHK Productions

To help you in your mission, AHK offers military key rings in various models. A large multitude of items will allow you to select the copy that can best honor your customers. But if you want to make a unique object, you can create a 100% tailor-made keychain model with us. A copy that will look like no other. Select the dimensions and shape of your product yourself. The design as well as the colors will also be defined by you. Invent an original and daring object by adding your personal touch with the marking technique of your choice. You can also select the material from which you want to craft your creation. Metal key ring? Embroidered key ring? PVC or resin key ring? Finally, choose the attachment system that you like and that will be the most practical to use.

Good to know

We thus offer you stocks of army keychains to order in bulk. Each engraved or embroidered gift can then be individually wrapped to facilitate its distribution.

But to best personalize your creation and order from your keychain manufacturer an item that will meet the expectations of your buyers, it is important to know their target. To whom will the military key rings be offered and on what occasions will they be distributed?

Army keychain: the ideal gift for soldiers from all walks of life

Military decorations are for the most part given to those engaged in the army. Soldiers, commanders, sailors, captains of ships, pilots… Whatever the specialty of the fighter, he can be rewarded during his career thanks to an engraved medal, a personalized insignia, fodder, etc. Soldiers also receive tailor-made badges during their professional career to show their membership in a group, unit or after a military mission. But apart from the official awards and decorations given during solemn ceremonies, members of the French army can also be offered other small goodies. Keychains are a simple way to welcome newly recruited soldiers and remind them of their commitment and dedication. They can also be offered to long-time employees as a souvenir or to accompany other gifts given on special occasions: commemorations, awards, thanks, etc.

Army keyrings can also be gifted to future enlisted people or those with a keen interest in the military and how it works. They can thus be distributed at trade fairs or in orientation or recruitment centers (CIRFA). Or even during interviews or selection tests for the army to encourage newcomers.

It is therefore important that each keychain intended for such occasions is personalized with a military theme. It can then include a distinctive and recognizable sign of the army such as a tank, a submachine gun, a warship, a submarine or a fighter plane for example. The military keychain can also be in the colors of France or display significant warrior colors such as khaki, black or gray. The keychain can also contain a strong emblem of the republic or of the martial register: flame, sword, triumphal crown or a symbolic animal such as an eagle, a panther or a cobra...

Military keychain - AHK Productions
Military keychain - AHK Productions


Military keychain - AHK Productions