marketing tools dedicated to resellers of advertising objects:

A 100% customizable catalog: enhance our products !

Customizable paper catalog

Discover our products catalog through 220 pages dedicated to the promotional items distributor. Our collaboration can done discreetly with this white label catalog: only AHK resellers have access to AHK rates on the catalog dedicated to resellers and professionals of the advertising object

The catalog can be 100% personalized to your brand. All AHK products are included in this catalog: 

  • A trendy graphic line that will appeal to your customers and prospects.
  • Integration of your logo and your commercial information.
  • Practical information and company contact information.

Rely right now on a solid marketing support during your customer appointments to choose the most suitable products for your clients' projects. Your talent is unique, so is your catalog.

Discover the AHK catalog (excluding price list).

 Reseller tools

Your white label website

Our catalog of promotional items can be introduced to your customers on a white label website. It will be available online by your customers.

Your neutral website can be done very easily and quickly our team accompanies you at every step according to your needs. Boost your visibility with a top-notch commercial offer !

Discover here the details and benefits of the neutral site

Your products samples kit: promotional goodies and objects for a harmonious customer presentation

Demo case & pouch:

Use demonstration products with ease! AHK offers you powerful marketing tool to discover our different products, accessories, materials and finish.

  • It is an important commercial tool towards your prospects or customers to enhance the quality of our items and their different textures or finishes.
  • During your appointments, use the senses of your prospects to trigger  emotion & creativity: they can touch and look at the objects.
  • Like every marketing tool, those case are made in white label to sell your products without AHK ever being mentioned in your commercial relationship.
 Reseller tools
 Reseller tools

Specific products samples: specific samples to trigger a sale.

To familiarize yourself with a product or to present it, we offer you a wide range of samples. The samples come from previous productions: you will not find any link to AHK on them.
Those samples demonstrate the quality of the products offered to reassure and convince.

Fast delivery and follow up of your sample order and case 

We will follow you within 24 hours to 48 hours the product requested from our office based in Europe, depending on the type of article (silicone bracelet, personalized bookmark, custom-made medal, embroidered crest, vinyl figurine ...). According to your requests, we organize a shipment of samples from Asia to meet your sample needs as soon as possible.

Custom-made product artwork and pass for press: showcase your projects

We put at your disposal marketing tools that will allow you to present or better visualize your products projects.

  • We realize the design your product in our graphic studio. A model is presented to you to validate all the details relating to your order.
  • To transform your professional appointments into order, bring a concrete vision to your prospects and customers.
  • The models are tailor-made and in exclusive access to our customers.
 Reseller tools
 Reseller tools

Magazines and blog 100% reseller

Our periodic magazine for promotional items distributors. We select for you objects and market trends in order to bring you technical arguments and trandy culture of the promotional goodies.

If you want to set up marketing strategies, our marketing team will accompany you throughout your project by phone at +33 (0) 389 419 689 or by our contact form.

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