Custom badge design : AHK since 1994

Associations, official institutions, companies... They all have in common the desire to surprise their members or their public with original and aesthetic decorations. The personalized badge will then allow you to offer your buyers the possibility of ordering high-quality honorary distinctions, which can be presented during solemn ceremonies. AHK manufactures medals and badges intended to be given to important personalities. Our priority is therefore the quality of our made-to-measure items. Rely on our expertise and our know-how as an experienced badge manufacturer, to order unique and original badges.

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Personalized badge: a multiple and versatile decoration

Ideal for supporting the remarkable character of a military action or mission, the badge is an elegant and refined award that can be offered in many contexts. Often distributed within the army following a courageous action, a rise in rank or a deserving career, the insignia can also represent an honorary award for a civilian who has committed an act of exceptional bravery. There are also a multitude of other opportunities to offer a bespoke badge. AHK offers you to personalize your metal badges, your brooches and engraved pins as well as your personalized medals according to an event or the activity of your customers.

Custom Badge Design - AHK Productions

A gesture for the planet

To offset its carbon footprint and make a gesture towards the planet, AHK collaborates with the company My Tree. With each order of badges, medals or military badges, you contribute to the reforestation of fragile areas.

Custom Badge Design - AHK Productions

Strong human values

Selling custom badges is AHK's core business. But we are also committed to highlighting the human values ​​of our society. Thus, the workshops in which we manufacture our decorations respect the rights of workers and are concerned about the well-being of our employees.

Custom Badge Design - AHK Productions

A team at the service of the customer

Throughout your process of ordering and manufacturing your military insignia, you will have the opportunity to contact the various members of our team in charge of manufacturing your decorations: graphic designers, sales advisers, logistics managers, are there to answer your questions and give you the best advice.

Custom Badge Design - AHK Productions

Personalized tie clip: offer prestige and excellence

We create official military decorations and high-end awards such as key chains, crests, badges and medallions for different events. We also manufacture luxurious accessories for your most prestigious partners.

Surprise your buyers with a personalized tie clip that will reveal their style with class and elegance. It is a prestigious gift that can be offered during a solemn event in addition to an official decoration. For more originality, decorate your tie clip with an enamel badge. Include the army logo, the name of the recipient's regiment or an inspirational phrase.

Collaborating with AHK is above all an opportunity for your sponsors to honor their audience and offer them a varied range of personalized luxury items.