Product videos, an effective communication tool in order to promote your products towards your customer and access new markets !

In order to communicate in a simple and attractive way: a video is better than a long speech!

By using videos of advertising objects, you communicate directly with your customers, in a clear and simple way, and transmit your message without interference throughout the acquisition tunnel.

Before the purchase, the video acts as an promotional media, you can catch the customer's attention and arouse their interest. The video is then used to publicize the advertising object and its use while highlighting it.

Then, during the purchase phase, the promotional video has the function of reassuring the customer, comforting him in his approach. Finally, after the purchase, the video contributes to the development of the use value of the product. Video therefore perfectly complements the range of marketing tools dedicated to resellers of promotional items.

Thanks to product presentation videos, improve your presence on social networks

Trending on all social networks, videos are an excellent tool to boost your content and boost your sales. In addition to arousing interest, content in the form of videos obtains very interesting conversion rates.

Another advantage of promotional videos on social networks; these can very quickly become viral because they are very widely shared by Internet users, they can then make the “buzz”.

In addition to a white label site, advertising videos therefore give more visibility to your tailor-made products and allow you to multiply the points of contact with your targets.

Increase your SEO: your product presentation videos on Youtube.

Another advantage of videos is that they can be used to optimize your natural SEO. Site, social networks, video platform, by multiplying your communication media on the Internet, your Web referencing increases.

Indeed, the videos now appear in search engine results. By adding video to your communication media, you bring more visibility to your business on the Internet (a video is, in fact, 50 times more likely to appear on a Google search).

Remember to work on your titles and tags so that your videos are indexed on the right keywords and naturally position your site and your personalized objects at the top of searches.

Re-use your videos

White label promotional videos easily capture the attention of prospects and customers. These videos, in addition to the catalog, allow you to effectively present your products and processes.

You can thus use the videos in all your steps, whether it is a customer meeting, a trade show or a BtoB/BtoC event. On the digital segment, in addition to social networks, videos can be inserted on your site or in a newsletter.

Videos are therefore impactful marketing tools, reusable throughout your communication strategy.

Your advertising goodies come to life thanks to videos: bet on video advertising!