Ecological and ethical promotional items, discover the Charter of diversity of AHK Productions !

Diversity is the foundation of socially and economically successful society & organization . As part of the global policy of the company or organization, the Diversity Charter aims to promote equal opportunities and diversity in all its components.

The Diversity Charter contributes to developing a management style that respects differences and is based on trust. It improves team cohesion, a source of better living together and therefore of performance. The commitments of the Diversity Charter, translated into actions that are measured and evaluated regularly, are factors of social and economic progress. Their implementation in all activities of the company or organization reinforces recognition by all internal and external stakeholders in France and around the world.


By signing the Diversity Charter, we, the company or organization, commit to:

  1. Raise awareness and train our executives and managers involved in recruitment, training and career management, and then progressively all employees, on the issues of non-discrimination and diversity.
  2. Promote the application of the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms in all acts of management and decision-making of the company or organization, and in particular in all stages of human resources management.
  3. Promote the representation of the diversity of French society in all its differences and richness, the cultural, ethnic and social components; within the workforce and at all levels of responsibility.
  4. Communicate our commitment to all our employees as well as to our customers, partners and suppliers, in order to encourage them to respect and implement these principles.
  5. Make the development and implementation of the diversity policy a subject of social dialogue with employee representatives.
  6. Regularly assess the progress made, and inform both internal and external stakeholders of the practical results of implementing our commitments.

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Ecological and ethical promotional items - AHK
Ecological and ethical promotional items - AHK

GAMME ECOLOGIQUE - AHK continue de développer une gamme écologique dans le respect des contraintes matières et recyclage.

Ecological and ethical promotional items - AHK

MADE IN EUROPE - La gamme d’objets AHK fabriqués en Europe et en France évolue. AHK Productions est aujourd’hui en mesure de réaliser des porte-clés produits en Europe

Ecological and ethical promotional items - AHK

DESIGN MADE IN FRANCE - Notre équipe de dsigners, expert dans la conception de produits sur mesure se tient aux côté des conseillers et logisticiens au sein de nos bureaux en France.