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Customised promotional products

A promotional product helps enhance the value of a trade name and provides optimal brand awareness in the market place. A promotional product is an effective communication tool to make a mark on people's minds. Companies also come up with ingenious ways to convey messages through promotional products in order to highlight their products and services, as a customised promotional product creates a certain impact on the consumer. It is important to understand that a promotional product is not just a decorative item but more of a long-term communication strategy as opposed to advertising through media or commercials for example.

AHK – Promotional products manufacturer

A company that wants to give itself an excellent image, by distinguishing itself from its competitors, and that wants to create awareness about its products and services must use communication and marketing strategies to attain its objectives. A customisable promotional product helps achieve them more effectively. AHK, the promotional products company, specialises in manufacturing all kinds of promotional goods. This wholesaler, an expert in its field, manufactures products for dealers as well as distributors of promotional items at extremely competitive prices. AHK productions, armed with its long experience in the field dedicated to promotional products, has experienced and competent collaborators.

Customisable promotional products

AHK productions, promotional products manufacturer, designs and creates customised promotional products. A client who wishes to showcase the products and services of his/her company with texts and logos printed on the various promotional items manufactured by AHK productions can optimise his/her brand awareness through key-chains, trolley coins, medals, automotive key chains, lanyards and several other objects. Numerous brands operating in the international market like Nivea, Nespresso, BMW, FIAT, Volkswagen and Heineken, to name a few, have trusted this customised item manufacturer with the manufacturing of their customised promotional products.

Manufacturing of promotional items

The AHK business team defines the project of the client in order to make a customised promotional product for him/her that meets his/her requirements and is what he/she wants made. Before going to the manufacturing stage, the AHK manufacturer provides the client with a quotation, and then a paper model in order to review the various details for the design of the product. Each product is made with meticulous attention to detail in order to meet the requirements better and ensure client satisfaction. The promotional item manufacturer can also create a prototype that will help the client to discover his/her product before the order, especially in case of a big order. The client can also track all the steps relating to the production of his/her order online. The promotional item manufacturer also arranges for a transport and delivery service, by air or sea freight, if the client cannot manage the import of his/her order. Express service is also provided for the dispatch of an order through service-providers like Fedex, UPS and TNT.

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