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Custom refrigerator magnets manufacturing

Our company is a magnet manufacturer since more than 20 years

As a magnet manufacturer, our company designs and produces custom refrigerator magnets with an experience of 22 years in this market. Our company proposes a large range of materials and customization solutions in order to provide you top of the notch personalized refrigerator magnets, and this at the most favourable conditions and price of the worldwide market. 

Our magnet manufacturer's experience allows us to propose you magnets in different materials as aluminium, tin, zinc alloy, resin, or soft PVC. Choose the aspect you like, and build the perfect and exclusive promotional magnet with any logo or text !

As a magnet manufacturer, we provide you many personalization options

Being a magnet manufacturer allows us to provide you several possibilities in order to personalize and customize personalized refrigerator magnets; any selected logo or design can be added on the ordered article, depending chosen material, several marking techniques are at your disposal: imprint, enameling, laser, engraving etc.

Our company master theses processes with an experience of more than 20 years in order to supply you top quality at the best price. As mentionned above, personalized magnets can be in metal, as custom magnetic bookmarks, in resin, soft PVC, aluminium, tin etc.

If the ordered personalized magnet is in metal, we can apply different kinds of plating colours: metal parts can be coloured in antique silver, black nickel or chrome, shiny or antique gold to only name a few. More than 15 platings available !

As any magnet manufacturer, we deliver you this item in the proper packaging, standard is individual transparent OPP bag, our structure also supply custom made packaging options as cardboard boxes, leather boxes, pouches in vevet etc etc. 

Several marking techniques are available and provide different renders. We also have possibility to provide different kinds of packagings depending your order's requirements. 

If an order is confirmed, a member of our commercial team will analyse in details your project of custom refrigerator magnet and will forward you a quotation in accordance with mass production constraints. Then a member of our team of graphic designers will forward you a paper artwork of your magnets project with all specifications. Finally, our logistical department will ensure ordered goods are delivered properly at your address, this anywhere in the world. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry regarding our personalized refrigerator magnets !

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