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Personalized silicone bracelets

Personalized silicone bracelets with over 25 years' experience, a manufacturer at your service !

Our company proposes a wide range of personalized silicone bracelets. We manufacture and import various sizes and shape of theses advertising products since 25 years, we are also able to produce any custom made design on special inquiry. We produce every year millions of custom silicone bracelets!

Since past ten years, personalized silicone bracelets became one of most popular promotional item; price, possibilities of customization and aspect fit any market and industry in the world. Everybody like silicone bracelets! Business promotions, fund raising events, sports events, many opportunities to share and spread theses wonderful items !

A personalized silicone project on tracks? our full team at your disposal !

We propose numerous marking processes in order to shape and create custom silicone bracelets: imprint, debossed or embossed, with or without enamel etc. Base of the bracelet can be tainted in any PMS colour, it is also possible to mix different colors on a same bracelet! Special materials as UV reactive or phosphorescent are at your disposal to enchance theses items.

All our personnalized silicone bracelets are made with high quality material, 100%free latex, and in accordand with REACH regulation ( Europe) and US California Proposition 65 ( NO.RG 10-545680 & 10-545687 for ink and painting.

As a silicone bracelet manufacturer, our company provides you the opportunity to create, shape and manufacture any personalized silicone bracelet with various options ! According your project, logo or artwork, one dedicated member of our commercial team forward you a price estimation based on characteristics, requirements and quantities.

Then, our team of graphic designers forwards you a paper mockup of your personalized silicone bracelets project, in order to double check and validate every details before production process. Manufacturing few products samples before mass production is also an option available, especially for big order or complicated project.

Quality control, packing, customs brokerage and final proper delivery to your address, theses tasks are operated by our different branches offices located all around the world. 

Contact us right now for any information regarding our personalized silicone bracelets!

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