Our standard delivery time is around 4 to 6 weeks depending product type and quantities
AHK-RUSH special service allows you to reduce the standard delivery time from about 10 days.

Information on the right side display the usual 4 steps followed by your order during production process.

AHK developed with its suppliers the special service AHK RUSH which implies a strict follow up and checking of your order all along the production process.

Your order AHK RUSH is in the top priority list among all our orders under current production.
The production time frame is reduced from 2 to 3 days.

Once your order is finished, your products are sent by special local Express service to our logistics center based in Hong-Kong.
Delivery time is reduced by 2 days.

Your order is shipped from Hong-Kong to Europe by FEDEX, then shipped upon reception at our office by FEDEX Priority to your address in Europe.
Delivery time is reduced from 5 to 7 days.


RUSH fees

Up to 2 kg 80 €
From 2,1 to 3 Kg 90 €
From 3,1 to 5 Kg   100 €
From 5,1 to 8 Kg 115 €
From 8,1 to 10 Kg 125 €
From 10,1 to 15 Kg 140 €
From 15,1 to 20 Kg 160 €
From 20,1 to 25 Kg 185 €
From 25,1 to 30 Kg 210 €

More than 30 Kg

On inquiry

Conditions will depend of your order specifications.
  • Your order AHK RUSH implies a strict follow-up from our team all along the production procedure and the delivery.
  • This special service includes some extra fees related to transport and production procedure, which will be evaluated case by case based in your order requirements.
  • If delivery time confirmed when your order was placed is not respected, the related transport fees will be refund to you.

General terms and conditions about AHK RUSH
  • Above indicative delivery time excludes holidays period.
  • Delivery time is subject to customs control.
  • Indicative delivery time assumes reception of your order during first attempt of delivery by the carrier.

Above indicative production and delivery timing are subject to any independent event beyond our control (bad weather, strike, accident, customs controls etc.).
CARE, above indicative delivery time starts from signature approval of the paper artwork made by AHK graphic designers. Between reception of your order and confirmation of final paper artwork, timing can vary.