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    La tarification va notamment varier selon les techniques de personnalisation et les options sélectionnées.

  • PRESTIGE - Insigne tradition métal sur-mesure

    Custom made metal badge

    • Customisation: 2D or 3D logo on Zamak base, possibility of adding polished surface enamel or epoxy enamel.
    • Size: custom made, according to your project.
    • Finish: many metal finishes available such as bright silver, patinated bronze, old silver etc.
    • Material: Zamak.
    • Accessories: ribbon, rosette...
    • Packaging: individual packaging, box also available on request.
    Product info
    • Custom code: On inquiry
    • Poids : Based on your project.
    • Country: China
    • Packing: Individual cellophane OPP bag, velvet pouches, boxes ...
    • Détails emballage :
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    Need a pre-production artwork ? Or to double check your graphic ressources?

    AHK and its Studio Design propose dedicated services adapted to your requirements.

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    Que devient ma commande ?
    Que devient ma commande?
    Que devient ma commande?
    Complete description

    There are many companies that want to make themselves known quickly and attract new customers. But not all companies have a big budget to spend on ads. However, there is a very effective method to extend its influence and make itself known to the general public: custom pins. This small promotional item has a very high conversion potential. Compact, original and practical, it is easy and quick to distribute and serves as real transportable advertising. Find out how it is possible to promote your business and conduct a communication campaign by object at a lower cost thanks to the many corporate gifts offered by AHK: personalized badges and pins, magnets, badges and crests, key rings, etc. .

    Personalized pins: a tailor-made approach to your needs

    • High-end materials for an aesthetic and solid result.
    • Individual packaging for each item to facilitate distribution.
    • Comfortable and fast delivery.
    • Many pins with different finishes.

    A badge that reflects your customers

    To attract many customers, it is important to personalize your pin in an original way. As a distributor of wholesale promotional items, AHK offers you great freedom in personalizing all your creations. You have the possibility to choose the dimensions and the materials as well as to opt for a classic or original design. Also select your pin ties or the colors and illustrations of your advertising medium according to the needs of your customers.

    Personalized help

    Each reseller with whom we collaborate benefits from a 100% personalized approach to their needs. We strive to respond precisely to your expectations to allow you to satisfy the brands with which you work. Accompaniment, advice and tailor-made follow-up, our customer service takes great care of you.

    An experience that matters

    AHK has been a manufacturer of custom name badges and badges for over 25 years. This long experience has allowed us to identify the promotional items that generate great interest and bring in the most profit. Today, we are proud to provide our resellers with advice that will allow them to easily distinguish themselves from the competition and become one of the best pin distributors on the market.

    Tailor-made pins: a personalized approach to your needs

    What is a custom pin really good for and how can it help a business gain exposure?

    It is above all a discreet, fun and friendly object distributed free of charge to potential customers. Getting a gift is always nice and prospects love the little touches. A badge is then the advertising item par excellence that slips into all pockets and can be worn on a bag, a kit or even clothing.

    If properly personalized, it will quickly appeal to its target and can easily catch the eye. If it features a striking message, slogan, design or photo, then it may surprise, amuse or impress everyone who sees it. In this way, he will be able to intrigue the person who will then take a closer interest in the company issuing the gift.

    Thanks to AHK, order tailor-made pins that correspond to the brand image of your customers and that will be to the tastes of their audience. We give you the freedom to choose:

    • the form ;
    • the size ;
    • the material of manufacture (metal, epoxy, pvc, polyresin, etc.);
    • the final finish of the object (gold, matte, silver, etc.);
    • colors ;
    • the marking technique (laser, pad printing, printing, etc.)...

    By taking into account all these characteristics, you will be able to create a tailor-made gift entirely adapted to the needs of your customers.

    How to order inexpensive personalized pins in bulk that will satisfy your customers?

    Above all, ask yourself the right questions.

    Do you know the message that the firm distributing communication accessories wishes to convey (impress, inform, intrigue, attract attention, etc.)?

    Do you know the ultimate goal of your customers (convert, retain, make themselves known, etc.)?

    Do you know the target audience to which the goodies will be addressed (customers, employees, business partners, members of an association or club, general heterogeneous public, etc.)?

    When you have the necessary answers, you will then know how to personalize your badges and pins created especially for you and your prospects.

    Metal pins: a real fashion accessory

    Are you looking for a unique and original badge that will highlight your customers' brand image? The metal pin is a great classic that has many advantages.

    In fact, thanks to its solidity and the different metal finishes that can be chosen, it offers the effect of a top-of-the-range gift. It can be hung and worn like a real fashion accessory, which will help to increase its visibility even more.

    AHK Productions provides you with various personalized pins made to measure. Depending on the needs of your audience, choose the size and shape of your choice. The fasteners, too, come in several models. You can also choose their metal finish.

    But we also offer our resellers pins made from other materials such as epoxy, pvc or polyresin. These allow you to have even more fun creating fancy objects that can give a real boost to your customers' object communication campaign.

    Personalized enamel pin: an aesthetic and practical item

    Pins are in vogue. It catches the eye and brightens up an outfit in an instant. The metal badge is even a real collector's item. Play on the popularity of the badge to order custom badges that will impress your customers and help them gain the trust of their audience.

    AHK offers you a large selection of badges in various sizes and shapes.

    A personalized enamel pin is a considerable asset in a communication campaign by object. Do you want to take advantage of this fine reputation of the pin to promote your talents as a reseller? Rely on our know-how to make a unique gift.

    Submit your project to create a personalized badge, crest, key ring, etc. If you have a specific design in mind, we will be happy to bring your imagination to life. If you lack inspiration and are not sure what type of pins to order, we can help you. Our graphic designers will support you in the creation stage and help you imagine the ideal design for your business gift.

    When you validate the model or the proof, the manufacturing stage can begin.

    Did you know ?

    When placing a bulk order of personalized pins, it is possible to request a prototype. Once this first copy of a pin made to measure for you has been approved, we will be able to launch the mass production of your entire order. This ensures that you receive the items you have selected, without unpleasant surprises.

    During this meticulous phase of the confection, we will take care that no constraint comes to hinder the process. You can follow the progress of manufacturing via your AHK reseller area.

    The delivery of your pin's order will then be done quickly. Note that you can benefit from express delivery to the address of your choice.

    Top-of-the-range pins: a prestigious advertising item

    To satisfy your customers and help them stand out through the object, it is important to present them with quality items. If you want to create a top-of-the-range pin for your most demanding customers, AHK bends over backwards to manufacture a prestigious badge for you that will appeal to the most meticulous public.

    You can make high-end items by selecting strong materials and sophisticated finishes. As an experienced manufacturer of promotional items, we offer a wide range of metal business gifts such as badges, medals, key rings and also pins. Real decorative objects, they can then be distributed at cultural fairs, sporting events or professional meetings to a targeted clientele with luxury tastes.

    These prestigious advertising items aim to restore the image of the company and show customers its value. In this specific case, your badge will be the little spokesperson for your customers' brand and it is therefore important to bet everything on the general design of the object.

    What design can give a pin a sophisticated look?

    To create a high-end pin, think about understated shapes, neutral colors and a conceptual design. For example, you can imagine:

    • a round metal badge;
    • a gold finish square pin in which you can engrave the name of the company, its logo or its slogan;
    • an iron badge in a more abstract shape...

    AHK offers you absolute freedom in the creation of your gift and is also at your entire disposal if you need help and inspiration.

    Small quantity personalized pins: distribute less to target better

    As a professional wholesaler of promotional items, we are accustomed to meeting large requests and massive orders. However, companies with a small budget or who wish to distribute their goodies at a single event or only to a targeted group, may need pins in smaller quantities.

    We also respond to these more specific requests. This is also one of the most relevant strategies when conducting an object communication campaign. Indeed, it is not always useful or even productive to order promotional gadgets in bulk. The risk is not to sell all the stocks or to distribute the vast majority of its promotional goodies to an audience reluctant to be converted.

    A small quantity personalized pin order allows you to better choose your target and thus better achieve your objective with a more carefully selected audience.

    For example, it is possible to order pins for a specific event such as a concert, an exhibition, a sports competition or a cultural event during which the pin can be offered as a souvenir. Your customers may also need a small order of badges to distribute them to a limited audience: employees of a company, participants of a private event, or the business partners of your prospects.

    Military pin: reward exceptional professions

    AHK has a wide variety of choices among its personalized items. The pins and other promotional goodies that we offer can be distributed in a wide spectrum of circumstances. But they can also be personalized to suit specific professional sectors or a well-targeted audience. Yes, selecting your audience can help you stand out as a business gift reseller. Thus, AHK offers several types of pins for different sectors:

    • military pin;
    • caregiver pins;
    • firefighter pines;
    • police pin;

    “ Personalize your pins according to the profession you want to highlight by playing with materials, design and colors. “

    For the military field, AHK offers several other options such as badges, badges or medals intended to reward soldiers or deserving people who have shown bravery and dedication to France.

    A pin may then be offered during an award ceremony in addition to the central award. It can also be distributed at military recruiting centers or trade fairs to promote army service and make itself known to the public to encourage young people to enlist.

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