Custom Military Patch: How to wear it?

The patches worn by soldiers in the French army are prestigious distinctive signs that symbolize the unity and bravery of soldiers. AHK offers you a wide range of badges and coats of arms to apply to uniforms. Each military patch we manufacture for our resellers is customized according to your desires and the needs of your buyers. We guarantee you an original decoration that will be made from quality materials. But do you know how the patches should be worn by soldiers and fans of the French army? AHK enlightens you on the best way to display your decorations on uniforms. So you can personalize them in the best possible way and provide advice and expertise to your customers.

Large choice of fixing systems

Patches adapted to all areas of the army

Easy customization

Various materials: embroidered patch, PVC patch, woven coat of arms...

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Custom Military Patch

Custom Military Patch: AHK designs and manufactures on-measure since 1994

A military patch has several functions. It generally serves as a distinctive sign to mark its belonging to the French armed forces. It is then worn on uniforms to signify the rank or unit to which the soldier belongs. It also highlights the function that he holds or his specialty: marksman, paratrooper, tankman, infantryman...

A patch can also be given to a single soldier, corporal, adjutant, non-commissioned officer or to an entire regiment as a reward for an act of bravery, after participating in a military mission, after obtaining a patent, etc.

If the reasons to wear patches and insignia are numerous, their wear on the uniform is regulated. There are indeed various ways to display your decorations when you are engaged in the service of national defense.

There are two types of uniforms within the French army.

The combat uniform which is worn directly in the field.

The service uniform which is worn in garrison.

The unit patches are generally equipped with Velcro straps.