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Far from being a simple advertising object or goodies, a personalized medal is above all an opportunity to honor an important person who has shown bravery and dedication during his career. AHK, manufacturer of prestigious medals and decorations for more than 25 years, honors the military, firefighters, gendarmes and all the heroes of our country through custom-engraved awards specially designed for each occasion. Discover the decorations that reward the different trades and offer your customers the opportunity to shine through a unique and personalized object that will make them reputable medal dealers.

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Manufacturer of medals and decorations: we honor the heroes of the nation

An engraved medal makes it possible to honor and reward the various professions which save lives and who work daily for the nation: soldiers, doctors, firefighters, gendarmes and even civilians who have shown great courage or who have led a career in the service of France… The tailor-made rewards offered by AHK are strong symbols of gratitude and recognition. They serve to honor our heroes, their efforts, their sacrifices and their dedication and to thank them for their eminent merits. These prestigious gifts are usually awarded at an official awards ceremony. To order a metal award (gold, silver, bronze) or other awards such as badges, badges or trophies, turn to an experienced medal and decoration manufacturer. AHK offers you an overview of the different signs of distinction that you can find in our catalog and the trades to which they are addressed.

Police decoration: high sign of distinction

AHK designs medals, badges and crests that symbolize honor and bravery. There are several types of police decorations for deserving men and women.

Each personalized tag designed by AHK is made from sturdy quality materials that provide a high quality gold, silver or bronze finish. We also design high quality medal ribbons.

Military decoration: the heart of our business since 1994

Other decorations also celebrate the bravery of the defenders of our borders. Military decorations underline the gratitude of an entire nation for the heroism of the enlisted in the army. AHK offers a wide variety of metal medals, badges and crests that are custom-made and adapted to the wishes and needs of your customers.

To satisfy them, ask yourself essential questions. What are their preferences and expectations? Who is their target?

→ Choose the shape, design and material from which your personalized ornament will be made and order high-end medals in bulk.

Custom medal manufacturer - AHK

National gendarmerie decoration: AHK designs objects for each gendarme

The badges are the signs of distinction worn by the gendarmes and allowing to highlight their ranks or their functions.

We create tailor-made medals intended to honor our men and women committed to our country. With high quality finishes, our consultants pilot the creation of each object from order to delivery.

Other prestigious objects, badges are manufactured by our design studio for a top-of-the-range result.

AHK specializes in the manufacture of crests, medals and insignia and offers you embroidered patches, specially created to measure. They will allow them to reward and decorate deserving people with quality items.

Custom medal manufacturer - AHK

Firefighter goodies: high quality service

A personalized goodie allows firefighters to distinguish themselves and show their belonging to a particular rank or even to expose their merits. A manufacturing of badge, crest or medals for it to be of quality, implies solid materials and an irreproachable work on the part of the graphic designers.

The goal of the manufacturer is to succeed in creating a unique object that can honor firefighters and their merits. AHK offers badges in different sizes and offers you a wide range of metal finishes.

Various personalization and marking techniques are also offered to give you the opportunity to create a unique firefighter decoration that will delight both your customers and their prospects.

Custom medal manufacturer - AHK