Custom-Made Promotionnal items : AHK Production Charter

More than 25 years of experience in customizable advertising object

  • For more than 2 decades, AHK Productions has been developing and implementing optimal methods to improve quality control and obtain certifications which apply to personalized advertising objects we manufacture and import for the benefit of our distributors network.

  • These actions are an integral part of the manufacturing process and our role as importers of customized promotional items: custom keychain, custom-made pins, personalized bag holder or bracelet.

  • On a very competitive market, these steps are essential for the sustainability of our activity.

Rigorous quality control of our customizable advertising objects

  • Our offices in China - Shenzhen - guarantee us a precise and uninterrupted follow-up of customizable objects that we offer.

  • From the paper model & artwork to the final product, our quality control assures you a diligent and homogeneous follow-up of the products that we deliver to you, and ensure you your order is in strict accordance with the specifications initially established.

  • Our commercial policy includes a fast and responsive after-sales service.

  • The customized advertising object delivered is not in conformity with the paper proof or the product proof validated previously? We will replace your order within a short delivery time.

Custom-made promotional items: STANDARDS & CERTIFICATIONS

  • Numerous factories and workshops - with whom we collaborate in order to offer you the ideal personalized advertising object – are engaged in a process of certification to the standards as ISO management system (9001, etc ...) or social compliancy to only name a few.

  • The notions of CE marking or ROSH are obviously at the heart of our job as an importer. For example, an EN71-2-3 analysis can be engaged by an approved organization if your order requires it.

  • The tests and standards are carried out by competent entities such as SEDEX, SGS or TÜV SÜD.

  • We are able to offer various standards and certifications for the following corporate products and goodies: custom magnets, PVC keychains, promotional keyrings, personalized shopping tokens, personalized pins, medal manufacturing, personalized necklaces. ..

Environment & work

  • AHK Productions collaborates exclusively with partners manufacturers of personalized advertising objects which consider environmental improvement as an essential process and inherent to their activity. The latter usually includes taking into consideration the immediate environment, mitigating the impact of industrial activities, and relocating activities if the situation requires it.

  • We consider that the industrial centers and logistic infrastructures with which we work must continually work in a concern of preservation of the environment.

  • By extension, our main suppliers and subcontractors are subject to SMETA-type audits on ethics and conduct standards every year. These reports certify compliance with labor standards, safety or refusal of child labor.