The personalized corporate gift is essential as part of a complete marketing strategy. It allows you to communicate with your target: your customers, your suppliers or even your employees. This allows you to spread the message or the slogan of your company through a useful object with a pleasant design but also to maintain a privileged commercial relationship. Thus, it allows you to strengthen your external relations but also internally. Offered to your employees, these objects help to strengthen the spirit of enterprise and its cohesion.

Gifts to give whenever you want

You can decide to offer your personalized corporate gifts as part of a special event: the launch of a new product or a particular moment of the year such as the end of year celebrations, to commemorate a milestone in the life of the company or for a major sporting event such as the European Football Cup or the Olympic Games. If you are looking to expand your customer base by participating in a trade show, for example, these promotional items are essential. The public who participates in it finds itself overwhelmed by solicitations coming from all sides. Through these objects, your prospects remember you and keep a positive image of your organization.

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Choose personalized corporate gifts

To have an impact on your target, your personalized gift must:

  • have some use. This factor allows it to be better accepted or taken into account by your target;
  • be aesthetic in order to please the people to whom you offer it;
  • simply convey your message.

In the field of personalized gifts, the choice is very wide. This sector has “sure values” which are still very successful, such as key rings. These objects have proven themselves in business communication and do not go out of style. On the contrary ! They are constantly reinventing themselves by using innovative materials or designs.

The sector of personalized corporate gifts is itself experiencing successive fashions and is constantly renewing itself to offer objects that are both attractive and in tune with the times: printed microfiber wipes, pocket ashtrays, figurines in vinyl and resin or cell phone stands are just a few examples in this category. AHK Productions has been a specialist in the manufacture of these personalized advertising objects for more than 20 years. We therefore propose to guide you in this universe.

Various materials and advanced technologies

A wide range of materials lends itself to the manufacture of personalized objects. Metal, plastic, resin, leather or wood can be made into keychains or anything else like paper clips or bookmarks. Silicone is preferred for making bracelets with messages or anti-stress balls.

The mastery of these different materials and their properties allows us to make tailor-made objects, in the image of your company. To convey your message and write it on the promotional item, AHK Productions uses state-of-the-art techniques. Enamelling techniques give relief to metal supports, for example. The printing applied on different supports conveys your message.

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Packaging, an aspect not to be overlooked

In addition to making objects in the image of your company, we offer different solutions for presenting them. From simple transparent film to high-end boxes and suedette pouches, we offer you the possibility of adding value to your personalized corporate gift by packaging it carefully.

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