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Year-End Cheers: AHK Productions 2022 Seminar & Party

Year-End Cheers: AHK Productions 2022 Seminar & Party

Founded in 1995, AHK Productions is celebrating its 28th end-of-year party this year with its employees. Nearly 30 guests took part in the festivities organized for the end-of-year celebrations. The day's program included an afternoon seminar where the company's main lines were presented and a visit to the Unterlinden museum. In the evening, the guests had an appointment at the restaurant for a moment of shared conviviality.


2022, a year full of commitments

Paul Géler, manager of AHK, thanks the company's employees for their commitment and presents the areas of development, commitments and partners who have been the strength of the company for 28 years.

Ecological program, Europe and France range, CSR policy and development tools for our customers' business models are at the heart of AHK's strategy.

Guided tour of the Unterlinden museum, a real success!

Our new stand is a real success

Thank you to the Unterlinden Museum for its welcome and shared passion for major works.

We thank the employees, partners and suppliers who trust us every day. We look forward to seeing you this year 2023 to move forward by your side!

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