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Name badge: the different models offered by AHK

To successfully personalize your advertising badge , ask AHK for advice. We have been the promotional gift specialists for almost 30 years. Through our advice and tailor-made support, we will help you imagine the ideal badge or name badge for your customers. Discover our different models of personalized pins as well as the manufacturing techniques that we use in our workshops. 

Name badge: audacity and originality 

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AHK is imaginative

Thanks to a team of talented creatives, we are proud to share all our know-how with you. Our graphic designers are there to help you imagine the business goodie that will suit your clients' visual identity and increase their sales. 

Badge nominatif - AHK Production

AHK is professional

We offer each of our customers tailor-made support for the production of advertising pins. Our customer service guarantees you a 100% personalized approach to your project for a revolutionary result. 

Badge nominatif - AHK Production

AHK is innovative

Each model of badge or name badge offered by AHK is the fruit of our passion for promotional items and communication through objects. We are always looking for innovative techniques that will allow you to highlight the brand of your customers thanks to an effective and audacious creation. 

Badge nominatif - AHK Production

To help you stand out from the competition, AHK relies on the originality of its badges and insignia . Each of our pins is designed to attract the eye and evoke an emotion of joy or surprise in the people who are offered it. Some may even be able to remember the good old days, when pin mania took over the world. But every company is different and has its own visual signature. This is why your importer of personalized items offers you a multitude of pin models to help you find the pin that best suits your buyers: 

  • name badge;

  • round pins;

  • metal badge;

  • PVC badge;

  • enamel pines...

Personalized name badge: you are sure not to be mistaken

Specialized in the sale of promotional items since 1994, AHK has developed a unique know-how in the manufacture of pins to allow you to find the ideal gift for the company with which you collaborate. The diversity of our offer allows you to find items made from a variety of materials: 

  • PVC;

  • epoxy;

  • polyresin;

  • metal...

And multiple finishes: 

  • gold badge;

  • silver pins;

  • matte badge...

We also provide you with various pin fasteners, so that you can perfect the personalization of your personalized name badge. The pin of a pin plays an important role in its comfort of use, but also in its final design. This is why all of our badge and pin mounting systems are also 100% customizable. 

In addition to badges and pins, we also offer for sale other business gifts that will allow your customers to communicate effectively through objects: 

  • magnets;

  • key rings;

  • medals;

  • trophies...

Badge nominatif - AHK Production

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